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Legal Fee

The standard fee (including 10 percent tax) ranges for criminal cases are as follows.

The fee will vary depending on the difficulty and complexity of the case. 

I will provide a fee proposal after consulting with the prospective client.

First Phone Consultation: Free

The first thing I would like you to do is to contact me. Through a brief phone conversation, we can figure out what to do next.

Visiting a client at a Police Station or Detention Center: 22,000 Yen (220 USD)

When someone is arrested, getting a competent criminal defense lawyer is a must. During the first visit, I can explain the Japanese criminal justice system, the suspect /defendant's rights and how to handle the current situation to a prospective client. After the first visit and getting to know the case, I can provide a fee proposal to clients.

Investigation Phase

During the investigation phase, if you are arrested, you could possibly be detained for up to 23 days. During the detention period, the prosecutor will decide whether to prosecute you or not. A criminal defense lawyer can work for your earlier release and for non-prosecution.


Starter Fee:

440,000 Yen to 1,100,000 Yen

Success Fee:

Not Prosecuted: 440,000 Yen to 1,100,000 Yen

Fine: (Summary Order without formal trial ) 330,000 Yen to 880,000 Yen

Avoiding detention or extension of detention: 110,000 Yen

Trial Phase

Starter Fee: 440,000 Yen to 2,200,000 Yen

Success Fee:

Not Guilty: 880,000 Yen to 3,300,000 Yen

Probation: 440,000 Yen to 1,500,000 Yen

Lesser sentence: 440,000 Yen to 1,500,000 Yen

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