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Crime Prevention

Criminal Defense

Has a member of your family, a loved one or a friend been arrested in Japan or do you have any criminal case related matters you wish to discuss?

Please feel free to contact me.

First time phone consultation: Free

First time visit at a Police Station: 22,000 yen (or 220 USD)

Cases I have handled include narcotics related cases, bodily injury resulting in death, white collar crimes, theft and robbery.

Successfully Completed Cases


Non-indictment in Serious Cases

Suspected Bodily Injury
Resulting in Death
- Denying Charge
- Result: Non-indictment

Our client was accused of assaulting an acquaintance and causing their death, and was subsequently arrested for suspected bodily injury resulting in death.
After the initial period of confinement of 23 days, our client was re-arrested on a separate charge, in total being confined for over 1 month, during which time they were subjected to continual, exhausting interrogations.
Considering the seriousness of the case, we formed a team to provide legal defense. The lawyers on the case visited the client constantly, to provide advice on how to deal with the harsh interrogations according to how they were progressing.
In addition, after being re-arrested on a separate charge, we lodged an objection with the court because the police were still illegally investigating the original allegation of bodily injury resulting in death, and were able to limit their activities. At the same time, we investigated the true facts relating to the case, and presented documents to the prosecutor which showed that there were alternative causes of death for the victim.
These actions allowed us to obtain a decision of non-indictment from the prosecutor, and our client was freed after getting a suspended sentence for a lesser crime (assault).

Non-indictment in Serious Cases

Suspected Robbery Resulting in Injury
-Denying Charge
-Request for detention dismissed
-Result: Non-indictment

Our client was arrested on suspicion of robbery resulting in injury after allegedly assaulting a taxi driver to avoid payment of the taxi fare. Although our client was inebriated at the time, and subsequently his memory of the night was slightly impaired, he clearly remembered trying to pay the fare.
From the day of the arrest we began to investigate the facts and to gather material to be used as evidence. Our client had no prior convictions or criminal history, and had no financial motive for attempting to avoid the fare, so we prepared statements from those involved, and used our own investigation reports from the scene to support our assertion that the incident was nothing more than a simple misunderstanding.

In addition, we helped our client to prepare a written letter of apology to the claimant, and arranged for suitable monetary compensation the very next day after the arrest of our client.

We submitted these documents to the court, and negotiated with the judge and the prosecutor for the request for detention to be denied.

Subsequently the court denied the prosecutor's request to detain our client and our client was freed. Also, we obtained a decision of non-indictment from the prosecutor.

Non-indictment in Drug Cases

Suspected Importation of MDMA
-Denying Charge
-Result: Non-indictment

Our client was suddenly arrested after being accused of ordering MDMA to his home address.
There was indeed a package addressed to our client which had been seized by customs and which contained illegal drugs.
We provided our client advice on dealing with the continuing harsh interrogation of the police, and began to investigate the facts of the case ourselves.
After looking into the facts surrounding the case, it was clear that it was highly unreasonable to assume that our client was the kind of person who would order MDMA. (The client had no previous record or criminal history, was working diligently in his job etc.)
We collected supporting evidence and character witness statements from family and work colleagues and submitted them to the prosecutor.
These actions allowed us to obtain a decision of non-indictment, and our client was freed.

Non-indictment in Drug Cases

Suspected Transportation of Marijuana for Commercial Gain
-Denying Charge
-Result: Non-indictment

One day our client was suddenly arrested on a charge of selling marijuana to a friend the previous year.
According to the claim against our client, the friend in question had stated to the police that he had received some marijuana from them.
We meticulously questioned our client about the facts of the case, and went back through old SNS posts among other methods, and we were able to discover an alibi for our client that they themselves had forgotten.
We submitted this evidence to the prosecutor, and used the alibi to appeal for a decision of non-indictment, which we successfully obtained.

Non-indictment in Drug Cases

Suspected Importation of Magic Mushrooms
-Denying Charge
-Result: Non-indictment

Our client purchased mushrooms from a foreign website, however it turned out that these mushrooms were magic mushrooms which are prohibited in Japan. The package was seized by customs, and our client was arrested.
The police conducted a harsh interrogation over multiple days, and we supported our client with advice on how to deal with it appropriately.
In addition, while this process was on going, we researched the facts of the case ourselves.
After scrutinizing the website concerned, we found written statements claiming that sending the products to Japan was not a problem, and there was a review from a Japanese user of the products giving a high rating. This was the cause of our client's current difficulties, as, having read the statements and reviews on the website, they decided to purchase the mushrooms based on what was written, believing that there was no issue with sending these products to Japan.
Using these findings, along with character witness statements from related individuals who were familiar with the diligent work and good character of our client, we submitted our case to the prosecutor, explaining that our client did not intentionally import an illegal drug.
We were again able to secure a decision of non-indictment from the prosecutor, and our client was freed.

Early Release during Investigation Period

Suspected Bodily Injury While Drunk 
-Successfully Avoided Detention 
-Result: Non-indictment

Our client, an office worker, was drinking with a work colleague when they began arguing in a bar, our client was arrested on suspicion of hitting their colleague and causing injury.
We submitted a legal opinion letter asking the court to decline the detention request from the prosecutor by presenting to the court a letter of sponsorship, a statement from the employer that the company employee needed to return to work as soon as possible, and a report to the effect that settlement negotiations had started.
Due to this, the prosecutor's request for detention was denied by the court, and our client was freed without detention.

Replacing Court Appointed Lawyer for Early Release and Better Result

Susected Assault
-Quick settlemet 
-Early release
-Result : Non-indictment

Our client was arrested for assault while travelling in Japan after an incident with another customer in a convenience store, and was detained. Initially our client was assigned a court appointed lawyer to defend him, but the settlement negotiations were not proceeding well, and our client's detention was extended. The day that we were appointed, we took over settlement negotiations from the previous lawyer, and managed to reach an agreement with the victim.
In addition, we were able to arrange for a friend of our client to become his guarantor.
Based on this, we submitted a request for early release to the prosecutor, and negotiated with them, which was granted just the day after we had taken over the case.
Finally, we were able to successfully obtain a decision of non-indictment.

Getting Bail and Suspended Sentence in Serious Cases

Communications (Wire) Fraud Indictment (Admitting Charges)
-Successfully Granted Bail
-Result: Suspended sentence

Our client was arrested on suspicion of involvement with two counts of communications fraud and was indicted for those crimes.
The victims initially felt strongly that the accused should be severely punished, and compensation negotiations were difficult, but we were successful in both cases. We were able to create a good relationship with the victims, and they both agreed to create documents in support of the future rehabilitation of our client, which is rare in such cases.
In cases of communication fraud, custodial sentences without suspension are common even if the accused has no criminal record or history.
However, we carefully constructed an argument in court based on the remorse of our client and the existence of a familial support network to aid in rehabilitation, in addition to the above-mentioned favorable negotiation with the victims, and successfully obtained a suspended sentence for our client.

Legal Fee

The standard Fee(including 10 percent tax) ranges for criminal cases are as follows.

The fee will vary depending on the difficulty and complexity of the case. 

I will provide a fee proposal after consulting with the prospective client.

First Phone Consultation: Free

The first thing I would like you to do is to contact me. Through a brief phone conversation, we can figure out what to do next.

Visiting a client at a Police Station or Detention Center: 22,000 Yen (220 USD)

When someone is arrested, getting a competent criminal defense lawyer is a must. During the first visit, I can explain the Japanese criminal justice system, the suspect /defendant's rights and how to handle the current situation to a prospective client. After the first visit and getting to know the case, I can provide a fee proposal to clients.

Investigation Phase

During the investigation phase, if you are arrested, you could possibly be detained for up to 23 days. During the detention period, the prosecutor will decide whether to prosecute you or not. A criminal defense lawyer can work for your earlier release and for non-prosecution.

Starter Fee:

440,000 Yen to 1,100,000 Yen

Success Fee:

Not Prosecuted: 440,000 Yen to 1,100,000 Yen

Fine: (Summary Order without formal trial ) 330,000 Yen to 880,000 Yen

Avoiding detention or extension of detention: 110,000 Yen

Trial Phase

Starter Fee: 440,000Yen to 2,200,000 Yen

Success Fee:

Not Guilty: 880,000 Yen to 3,300,000 Yen

Probation: 440,000 Yen to 1,500,000 Yen

Lesser sentence: 440,000 Yen to 1,500,000 Yen

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