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Tomohiro Kurohara

Collaborating Lawyer

Admitted as a Japanese bengoshi (lawyer) in 2006 he is currently a member of the Miyazaki Bar Association, and is the head of his own firm, Global Law Office. He also chairs the Kyushu Federation of Bar Associations Committee for Abolishing the Death Penalty.


Tomohiro graduated from Hitotsubashi University, Faculty of Law in 1993 and completed a master’s course in public law at the Graduate Schools for Law and Politics, Faculty of Law at the University of Tokyo in 1999. In 2008 he established his law firm, Global Law Office, which he continues to this day.


After studying general civil practice cases at Tsuchigama Law Firm in Tokyo, he returned to his hometown in Miyazaki Prefecture and established Global Law Firm. He was particularly active in fields such as corporate law and family law.

In 2010, he was appointed as a public defender in death penalty cases. Inspired by this experience, he devoted himself to criminal defense, and has achieved great success, such as obtaining full acquittals in a variety of criminal cases, including economic crimes. After that, he began to receive requests for complex criminal cases where the defendant was pleading not guilty to serious crimes, as well as lay judge (jury) cases from outside his home prefecture of Miyazaki.


He also focuses on human rights protection, and as a member of the death penalty and due process project, has worked on retrial cases of death row prisoners for many years, as well as cases related to administrative law, which he majored in when he was a graduate student. He was also successful in a landmark case in a lawsuit claiming state compensation for illegal investigations by the police.

Currently, he is focusing on corporate transaction disputes (negotiations and litigation) and criminal defense cases; he splits the provision of his legal services between Miyazaki and Tokyo, where he collaborates with Rie on cases at Shinjuku International Law Firm.

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