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Signing a Contract

Civil Litigation

 Dispute Resolution

Do you have any dispute which is potentially handled under Japanese judicial system? 

Please feel free to contact me.
First time phone consultation: Free

Second time consultation: 22,000 yen (220 USD) per an hour

A civil dispute often starts by private negotiation. How to start the negotiation is crucial to get a better outcome.
In order to start a negotiation strategically, analyzing evidence fully and discussing strong and weak points of the case from the start is very important.
Frequently handled cases include labor issues such as wrongful dismissal, encouragement to retire, wage cuts and commercial dispute especially related to white collar crime such as embezzlement, fraud and breach of trust.

Retainer Fee System 

Retainer fee system

Retainer fee system consists of Starter fee(non-refundable) and  Success fee and Daily Allowance(For Tokyo District Court, Saitama District Court and Yokohama District Court JPY22000 per a day.)

1. Starter Fee(non-refundable)

Fee to be paid before commencement of the legal service.

Standard Starter Fee ranges from 5 ~10% of the economic value of the case.

2. Success Fee​

Fee to be paid at the end of the legal service based on the result.

Standard Success Fee ranges from 10 ~20% depending on the difficulty of the case and amount of the case.

3. Daily Allowance

When the lawyer is required to appear to the court (or elsewhere), Per Diem Wage will be 44,000 yen (up to 4 hours roundtrip) or ,000 yen (over 4 hours roundtrip) for each day of the travel.

The fees written here includes consumption tax (10%). If you need information about fees for particular type of cases (such as labor case, inheritance case, contract drafting etc.), please inquire by email.

Hourly Charge

When the lawyer work by hourly charge (time charge), the hourly rate is 33,000 to 55,000 yen (including tax) per 1 hour, and the firm require deposit in advance. The rate may vary depending on the quantity and difficulty of the case.

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